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tv   [untitled]    May 8, 2013 11:30pm-12:01am PDT

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very close with them and they hire union contractors so myself and on behalf of all the sub contractors we appreciate what clear kwhaenl has been. again, it's a security thing again clear channel is top of the market we put our support behind clear channel. i have only 3 other speaker cards (calling names). >> good morning. >> good morning supervisors i'm acting as the translator for the next 3 speakers.
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>> i'll just sum it up. mr. lee is 76-year-old and he's a resident of the valley and one of the bigger challenges is does not know what's going on in the community and the billboard he
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used the transportation and the buzz system and he's hopping the bilingual services will be increased for those who can't speak english. therefrom i'm asking you the supervisors of that great city to support the clear channels resolution. thank you very much >> thank you thank you. next speaker please. >> good morning
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she - i'm also a resident of the visitation valley i'm asking the supervisors to approve the clear channels oftentimes we don't know what's happening and we rely on those information. safety is one of the issues and if we know what's going on it
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would protect those accidents happened and we asking you to support - approve clear channels resolution. thank you >> thank you. next speaker please. >> good morning supervisors. me help me the translators. good afternoon supervisors i'm in supporting this resolution because clear channel is one of
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the company's that have been doing a lot of good things for our community our under served and many of us are non-bilingual so we would like to have more services which is by clear channel behind me the supporters we most
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of us residents of the valley and we would urge you to support the clear channels proposal as well as we would like to have clear channel to provide the bilingual services the billboards we rely on often
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again i would like to emphasis that we hopping clear channel will be able to expend their lease or provide more bilingual services because we rely on those services. more many of us we don't read, write or understand english. she would like to reemphasize that many of those services especially to excuse me. especially the muni buses because that's the main means of transportation. thank you >> thank you. next speaker please.
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>> mr. chair, supervisors i mean i heard mr. rose and mr. martin and i could not have heard a more concise program but you have here with me today a list of businesses and letters from businesses supporting clear channels decision and hopefully, you'll get this passed. >> thank you. next speaker. you can bring those over here >> the airport is not in the jurisdiction of the building trades but in the jurisdiction of the - bill has written to you
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in this regard but he couldn't be here he asked me to express the clear channel contract and it's the most union friendly company. >> thank you very much thank you. next speaker. >> i represent the carpets union the local 22. ispectro speck here today because so far as the local work is concerned we share it and we get a lot of work out of that as well. clear channel has a long history of working at the airport and supplying jobs and i'm a big proponent of the trade - like to
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refer to the wheel of trade workers. because they make wages and benefits this actually allow them to save and spend money their traveling through the airport as well their digesting this as well. so i approve - i ask that you approve the clear channel proposal and thank you. >> thank you very much thank you. next speaker. >> good afternoon supervisors. i'd like my brothers to stand local 2 61. that he represent thousands of men and women across san francisco and san mateo.
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this is safe to say this is a contract we've been watching for months. where the labors come down on the proposal now we know that clear exchange is going to hire local workers we're in full support. we can make the local contract work on this and put the san franciscans onto the jobs and make all community members that are impacted by itself this commitment can set the stage for a new way of construction work. we ask you to support and approve this contract. thank you very much
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>> thank you very much thank you. next speaker please. >> good afternoon we're living in a new world every 18 months it will get faster and larger. the labor component of this i'd like to say that clear channel mobile is to reduce labor across the board. anybody who does their homework know that those folks have is a admission to reduce they're labor costs twron w between now and 20/20 with a digital contract they won't need the amount of employees they have today. i would agree that the fact is
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with digital billboards and less labor they could accrue revenues that make double $10 million as the next year's go by you would hope the city consider that making plus is the way to go. and additionally i think originally this was $5.6 million i believe was in the r s p? so there's isn't going suspicious when somebody doubles the required amount to go from 5.6 to nearly $10 million as a minimal guarantee. thank you very much supervisors >> thank you. next speaker please. >> good afternoon for us we
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started tracking this issue around efforts to expand the construction related work and landscaping. this is something in place we want to see the local ordinance and points can he came up you've heard if from the labors and some discussions from the airport we personally would like to get consummation on this but whether this is a requirement today but this could be a place to start prevailing wage in construction work to do billboards and promote the community to do that. this may have happened it's
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something that would be great to hear from the airport. that's very positive. can't really speak to the making or certain of those other dynamics but with respect to the labor dynamics this would be a really good thing so again, i'd like to hear an answer to the proposal. if that's the case we can use that labor on this work >> thank you. next speaker please. hi. >> i'm here with the same ideas around the willingness of clear channel to hire the construction of those billboards.
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initially we were coming up in support of clear channel doing public service announcements as well as coming tout out to host services which is an area that a lot of people wouldn't come. we're in support of clear channel. the local hiring is outstanding >> thank you very much. anybody else want to commit? >> i'm also about striking a good deal god knows i don't want to see any more parking meter
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hikes. if you guys haven't got the money you need the non profits are being told how you're going to cut their services god knows how many trees would have been planned. i support this because quite frankly we don't know where the economy is going. the job numbers are not through the roof and the housing economy is not back since nobody wants to lend us $2 billion to do our - nobody can guarantee me he we're out of the deepwater yet. i'm listening somebody telling me about the money like how much
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does the making - how would an actual dollar finger in chicago what are they bringing in is it $0.89 a person what is the actual raw number. we're talking about the statistics and pirgz without actual saying what are the hard numbers we're getting. let's pass this so that community people that have good relationship with clear channel can keep it rolling >> thank you very much any other members of the public wish to commit? seeing none public comment is closed >> thank you. i really appreciate this discussion i think it may have gone a little bit too long.
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it's a way to set up an rfp and lazy at the airport. i actually believe that the right way to do is it to have amassing. the question is whether we'd have a lower making but at the same time, we could actually see when we're actually getting in the revenue of $9 million we can see a larger amount of money and with amassing only we'd be leaving money on the table. so therefore i am actually in the position to actually disapprove of this contract and would like to see come back what is the standard of the airport
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and having the making and gross income. >> thank you supervisor campos. >> supervisor. >> i was going to refer to a couple of pieces of information. the other 28 that were analyzed by office and i know that one of the documents that looks another miami, washington, d.c. and lax and numbers we're much more restricted on the types of advertising we allow and it looks like others have alcohol and combaim and there's something called credit card
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books additional various other things for miami and i think that the other airports it gives me an understanding of how restrict active we are but i feel like the reality say we have to get revenue from attorneys but i feel like mr. martin and staff are doing their best to balance the arts but especially limiting key types of tvrdz that are the kind of clifrt and in your face things. i also want to say this is a tough decision bus i appreciate the analysis by mr. hospital o rose and i see that in most
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cases the making or whichever is higher makes total sense to me but mr. martin has distinguished in san francisco's experience that financial needs of the airport and how he's analyzed this is the best deal for our airport. i also wanted to say that the community reps have coverage and given me the impression that clear channel is doing their best to reach out by the clear channel airports is different from billboards and this doesn't include billboards it's a clear contract on what the 1 hundred and 79 sites are going to be using. i know that mr. rose said it
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will make more money but i think mr. martin have given information that the number of the digital spaces are smaller i think he said 34 sites and my understanding is one sixth of the time for the advertisement it's not making that much but i'd like to know more how to limit as much as possible the digital areas for adds. i also wanted to say that in the decision to an this one it's very difficult. i've looked at the numbers that mr. martin and staff have provided i understand our airport is different from others and i'm going to be supportive
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in the expertise of our arrangement director and staff even though harry row have raised questions but i'm going to support the contract >> thank you supervisor. this is important even though the airport is a advertised. first of all, i want to thank mr. martin the entire budget analyst office perhaps we can lesson our reliance an blood pressure pills but some how i we - i find quite frankly this has
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to do with the charger exchange contract as well i would agree with the supervisors comment i love to support the union folks and this is a financial issue right here about the contract with clear channel and it's really 24 decisions you kind of trust what the staff knows but you reject it because it's not a typical a structure. and it's very clear had there are the vast majority if not ail the advertisement contracts include 8 percent and a making. i guess from envy prospective i approach this for a high bar for us to dive in and reject a
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contract and i think the fact that one i like the fact that the advertisement locations are going down but i want to say that i disagree with some contractors that building e binged more on a contract will get you more. i haven't heard from clear channel but i think it makes sense if you don't have amassing you would lower your percentage if i don't have is a making. i think i ultimately would come down in respecting what the director knows best and i think has great respect from mr. rose
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and i - the fact that we're ♪ somewhat coloring to our peak of passenger traffic we're protecting against the down side and i'm scared about the dow closing but i would refer to your knowledge and how our knowledge and what i think it best. i in no time at all nobody doesn't believe that you're not going to do something in the interest of the airport that's not best i will be supporting the contract do i want to make a motion? >> i'll move that we approve the contract. >> okay. can we take a role?
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>> yes. the motion passes. >> okay. the motion passes can you please call item 7. >> item 7 authorizing the contract purchaser to enter into an agreement for the not to exceed $4 million efforts of the purpose of engineering international airport safety program. >> okay. and for item.
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>> he the resolution before you - the board of supervisors has approved our bid requirements and as f co- is the only company that manufactures